Dogs needing foster homes

We need foster carers in the UK. Fosters carers look after our dogs until a forever home can be found. Sometimes this can be for a few weeks, sometimes many months. We also call on our foster carers to assist with ‘back up’ if things go wrong for a dog that had found it’s home. This can be for a number of reasons, but mostly they are personal, a marriage break up, change in housing circumstance or even severe illness.
The dogs we have available to foster are not all ‘difficult’. We have a number who have been in our private facilities in Romania for a number of months and have been overlooked. Typically, these dogs don’t always have the wow factor, but it’s heartbreaking as they have such good natures and personalities. These longer stay dogs desperately need out, and to feel the warmth and love of a family where they will thrive.
Foster carers would be required to provide food together with regular worm and flea treatment and regular updates on how the dog is settling in, details on likes/dislikes and personality once in a home. You will also need to be committed to work through any problems and help the dogs adjust to their new life. This may include toilet training, overcoming fear of new people and gaining trust. We will do the rest, including transporting costs, where we will fundraise their ticket to a new life. The Angel Watch team will also of course be on hand to give any advice and of course promote your foster dog for its forever home.
If you can help be a lifeline and the first step to a family in the UK, please either private message our facebook page or email us at It truly is such a rewarding thing to do, and also gives us more space in Romania to take more dogs away from the Public Shelters and off the streets. I hope you can join us.

If you would be interested in fostering for us, please complete the form below and we will be in touch shortly.

In the mean time please have a look at our facebook page for updates