Angel Watch Rescue & Rehome - FAQ

What happens to the dogs when you rescue them from Public Shelters or the streets?

First, all the dogs receive a full veterinary check-up, and are given flea treatments, vaccinations, and other treatments as needed. Some of the rescued dogs will be injured or sick, and will need more extensive veterinary treatment. This may include surgery and expensive drugs, all of which need to be paid for from Angel Watch funds. The dogs are then given temporary accommodation at one of our foster homes in Romania, either in Bucharest or in Timisoara. Here they are cared for until a new home can be found for them. Sponsors are always desperately needed to help us cover the costs of fostering these dogs.

 What happens to the dogs that are fostered outside Romania?
Dogs may be fostered by rescue organisations or by private individuals. The role of the fosterer is to care for the dog until a permanent home can be identified, and usually the fosterer is responsible for finding a suitable adoptive home for the dog.
 How can I become a fosterer for one of your dogs?
If you feel you'd like to foster one of our dogs, please contact us so we can discuss your situation and your experience of caring for dogs. We can then arrange for a home check to be carried out.
 How can I adopt a dog from AW?
Firstly contact us to let us know that you're interested in adopting from us and which dog you might be interested in. We'll discuss all aspects of the adoption process with you, and if things go well we will arrange for you to be home-checked. We ask for a £20 deposit to reserve your dog, with the balance of the adoption fee becoming due once the process is completed. A home-check is essential, so we can be sure we're matching the right dog to the right home.  If for any reason the homecheck is unsuccessful, your £20 deposit will be returned.   Once you have reserved your dog should  you decide to pull out of the adoption, the £20 deposit will be non-refundable. 
What is your adoption fee and what is included?
The adoption fee is £70, plus the costs of transporting the dog from Romania.  Transporting is arranged through a charity pet transport company and for example costs £170 to bring a dog to the UK.  The adoption fee covers all vaccinations including rabies, microchipping, worming and flea treatment as well as obtaining necessary the necessary Pet Passport and Fit to Travel certificate.
 What happens if we're experiencing problems with our new dog?
It's vital adopters should feel they have support while their new dog is settling in. If there are any issues, we will happily give advice to help adopters find a way to work through the problems. We can also put them in touch with a dog trainer, who can provide direct support. If in the end it's decided that the problems can't be resolved, we will find the dog a new home or temporary foster placement. We always need more emergency fosters in reserve for this kind of situation, and we welcome offers from people who would like to help in this way.
How do I sponsor one of your dogs in Romania?
If you decide you'd like to become a 'virtual' foster mum or dad for one of our dogs, just let us know which of our available dogs you would like to sponsor. Monthly sponsorship costs 50 euros for our Bucharest foster home and 45 euros for our Timisoara foster home. By sponsoring a dog you are making sure that 'your' dog remains safe and cared for until a loving new home can be found for him or her. If you'd like any help in deciding about sponsorship, simply contact us for more information or advice.
How else can I support Angel Watch?

You can support us in a number of ways. Financial support is of course crucial, whether that's through donations or by supporting our regular fund-raising events such as auctions and raffles. We are always looking for foster homes and adoptive homes for our dogs: if you think you might be able to foster or adopt one of our dogs, just get in touch with us and we'll be delighted to discuss the possibilities with you. And please share Angel Watch with your friends on Facebook - your share might just find a new home for one of our dogs.

How are the dogs transported out of Romania?

Once we've found a suitable foster or adoptive home outside Romania, we need to prepare the dog for transporting. This involves obtaining a pet passport, rabies injections, etc. We can then arrange a date to transport the dog by road using the services of professional pet transport organisations.

Will my dog by house trained?
This depends on the individual dog.  As these dogs are strays or rescued from the Public Shelters, it's hard to tell.  The majority of dogs that are fostered live in outdoor kennels rather than a home environment.  Some dogs are totally clean from day one, especially if they have come from a home environment in the past, others are not, so it is better to be prepared.
 Do I have to come to Romania to collect a dog that I want to adopt?
No, transportation arrangements will be made as part of the adoption process (see above) (eg, UK, Holland etc), although you may have to arrange travel to a pick up point to collect your dog.  This will be discussed prior to adoption.
Would my dog be vaccinated?
Of course.  In order for us to obtain a pet passport and a certificate stating the dog is fit to travel, all dogs will receive the necessary vaccinations (including rabies), microchipping, worming and flea treatments as required.
 Do you have any advice for settling in a rescue dog?
Time and love.  A lot of these dogs have had to fight to survive or have been abused in the past.  Once you collect your dog give it time and space to become accustomed to its new surroundings and for you to gain it's trust.  Don't overpower the dog with kisses and cuddles as it may easily become frightened.  Slowly and calmly is the way forward.  We are always on hand to provide advice if needed.
 If I adopt an older dog, can I still get pet insurance?
There are several companies that offer pet insurance for older dogs, so this should not be an issue.